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heres what you should do- warm up the engine- have a quart of clean diesel on hand in something that you can pour from. next, attatch a peice of 8mm or 5/16 hose from the pre fuel filter (the small plastic one down on the drivers side),and into the diesel purge can. Be sure its to the bottom. next, take the return line from the spin on filter to the line that goes back to the tank and remove it from the line . put this in the purge bottle. now the car will run off its new fuel tank, the purge can. now run the car.keep an eye on the level in the purge can. you do not want to run out. when the level gets low, fill the purge can with more purge (if you had 2 cans) or diesel fuel. remember most of the purge will be in the spin on filter, so keep the engine going until the quart is gone or the 2nd can of purge and the qt. are gone. this will make sure that the purge was as close to full strength as it was run through. idle engine for the whole process. good luck...
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