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Sixto, thanks. I see you have the exact same car, except maybe yours is a California edition? These Texas cars just have a big ball of bailing wire in there - well they're different apparantly.

Mine has nothing in the pin 2 hole, you can look right thru it.
I have metal sockets in holes 1,3,67. The others are empty.
The push button is right of the connector, near pin 10, but is mounted separately on the bracket.
I tried pushing the button 2 seconds to see if maybe that little LED Devil was hiding - but no luck.

There must be a lot of different varieties of the connector, depending on model, year, state, etc.

So, after a search, I assume pin 3 is the proper pin, and I read that the system grounds pin 3 for the "blinks". So that says I should hook up an LED between pin 3 and 12V.

But I am reluctant to hit pin 3 with voltage until I know for sure.

Anyone else got a suggestion?

Maybe I should leave well enough alone - 13 years with never a check-engine light or a stall. But I have this little chuggle when it starts hot, and an almost imperceptible occasional glitch in the idle. So this is a good excuse to fiddle with it.

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