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Exhaust: This car produces more exhaust than any other on the road. Generally, speaking it is white/gray colored. I cannot detect any loss of coolant, oil or transmission fluid. Any ideas on why I'm producing so much smoke?
Sounds like this could be a valve guide seals problem. Especially noticeable if the car has been idling for a few minutes and then accelerated, such as after waiting at a stoplight. Very common problem usually showing up somewhere between 75K and 100K miles. About a $500 to $600 fix. Conventional wisdom on timing chains is that the chain along with the upper guide rails should be replaced ever 100K miles and/or 10 years. The chain seldom breaks but will stretch. The big problem is that some of the upper rail pieces will eventually break and fall into the teeth of the timing gear. Then the chain jumps and all hell breaks loose in the engine. Timing chain and related parts fix is about $750. Of course these repairs can be done for much less if you can DIY.
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