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euro headlights

thanks for the replies. I've got the e-class bible on order. It's seems a lot of people on here are managing to do the conversion for cheaper than stated in the book though. I'll have to do some hunting.

I couldn't beleive how crap the light output from the normal US lights is- same on my wife's dodge. Back in England I had a Turbo Diesel Peugeot (rather slow off the mark, engine sounded like it was gonna hop out the bonnet at 80mph, but v. reliable & cheap)
whcih had great headlights. now I'm here i can't belive how they can get away with having such crappy headlights and no cat's eyes on half the roads! makes night driving rather nerve-racking..!

ho-hum, well at least I can actually afford to run a Merc over here, without needing a 6-figure salary:-)
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