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Hello to all; Being new to computers & Benz,s I,ve made a couple of mistakes. My apoliges. Having read relavant posts I think my prob. may be the OVP relay....but here goes anyway. Alonger than normal starter run time to start when cold then a rough idle for a few moments. High idle after warm up in P or N. [appx 1100 to 1150rpm. Idle is fine [650/675rpm] with A/C on. Start on warmed up eng is almost instantaneous. Have checked idle speed control unit, warm up reg & thermotime switch, all ok I think. The car runs & drives excellent once going. [20+mpg on 1200mi. trip] Finally found OVP relay in fuse box, the 10amp fuse is good. When I pull the OVP relay it mimics the rough idle but is appx.50 to 100rpm lower. Well I hope I,ve described the prob. well enough. Any asistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanx & bye for now, luigi in the keys.
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