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Question Rear Axle Oil Change - Does car need to be Horizontal?

Don't mean to bore you with an already covered topic here, but my question is in relation to the car position when doing this task.

About to change the Rear differential oil and read most of what is posted here and 90% of lists state to lift the back of the car up on jack stands or ramps... but yet doesn't the car have to be horizontal when checking and/or replacing the oil? How do you get the proper amount of oil replaced if the car is lifted from one side an an angle? Or does this lift make negligible difference?

Of course keep in mind that I have two ramps and can lift the car's rear but don't necessarily want to go out and buy jack stands to left the front end and won't feel so safe doing so especially I have to give it some push to remove the filler/drain plugs... any thought on this?

Thanks for any feedback.
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