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Console window switch

The 88TE blew the window fuse (H) when my wife pressed on the drivers window switch. I pulled the console, replaced the fuse and moved the switch to the left rear position which then blew the other fuse (G). This led me to belive that the switch was bad. I took the old switch apart and cleaned it with no luck. Bought a new switch from Performance (same p/n) and it does the same thing. If I leave the switch out of the socket or use one of the three good switches in either circuit (rt. front/lft rear, lft front/rt. rear) no fuses fail and everything works.

Should I assume this new switch is bad out of the box or is there a possibility there is another problem (i.e. a short somewhere).

Any ideas would be helpful. The better half is tired of driving around with only two funtional windows.


Ed C.
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