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Thanks for the information. I have not seen the car, but I am driving to Houston in the AM to look at it, and if it is a rust bucket, I just won't get it. I have been wanting an older SL to tinker with and this one was just so cheap I couldn't pass it up. There were only pictures of the car and a discription and as long as the seller is being honest about his description I should be ok. If he is not, he misrepresented the item and then it is up to me to accept or not. I am thinking it might be misbadged and be a 450, since you say the 350's are very rare, it has the small bumpers on it and the interior has been re-done in cloth. You seem to know a lot about these SL's I only know the 129's, I joined a classic car club and I want to fit in, that is why I am trying to find an older SL, since I just love the cars so much. My first MB was a 73 280C, great little car. My favorite MB was my 140 chasis, but the sedans hardly retain value, so I play with the SL's. Hopefully I will not be dis-appointed.
I am having the car shipped, so I don't have to deal with that hassle, and then I will probably start with the fuel system as you suggested, I would think from your post that it is a mechanical distributor, so hopefully it isn't bad. Should I remove the injectors and clean or replace those as well? The 129's have the gas tank between the trunk and ragtop storage area, is that the same on the 107's? Hopefully so i don't have to get under the car, I still need to buy jack stands! I will keep you all posted! Take care!
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