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WIth small bumpers and cloth seats (and a 350SL badge), it's almost certainly a euro car. If so, the VIN will start with WDB107043.

U-Haul rents 2-wheel and 4-wheel car trailers. A 107 SL on a 4-wheel trailer will run a little over 5,000 lbs, if you have anything that can handle that.

It is a mechanical distributor. A plunger controls the fuel flow. Buy the book I recommended and you'll understand exactly how it works.

The injectors may need to be cleaned, but I wouldn't replace them without going through the tests. They cost $20-$25 a piece, so don't pay anyone to clean them. Might as well replace them at that point. Just use Techron after you get it running.

The fuel tank is in the same place on the 107s, but the only access is from below.
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