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Talking running on 98 octane premium

My 1994 Euro C180 with 194,000kms is now running very strong on this petrol and the previous complaints about having no difference at all have gone. Idle is normal and the vibrations in the car have subsided without anything done to it. Suspension is better and the car feels once again like a Benz, does well over the road bumps and rougher surfaces. Haven't changed anything yet. I can feel the power(?) , its only a C180 , but it pulls now with 2 passengers and even 4. However, one night I had 2 "heavy" people and one of the rear shocks or springs was squeaking over the bumps. The male passenger asked why the suspension was squeaking and I wasn't going to tell him the truth as he is my bro-in-law!!! He couldn't be anywhere less than 100kgs as well as his wife! I am about 75kg and my wife is about 60kg.
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