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Stuck Tachometer needle

The car in question is a 1995 124 body E300 Diesel.

The needle of my tachometer gage occasionally gets stuck around the 1,500 RPM mark. If from idle, it will not go above that point when accelerating. If from highway speeds it will not go below that point when idling. Hitting the dash panel with my fist usually gets it going again.

Its as if something mechanical is preventing the needle from either moving above or below that point. The last time I smacked it, it worked fine for several months, but now its up to no good again.

If I was to take the instrument cluster out to examine the tachometer, is there anything that I can potentially fix. What should I be looking for?

Since the needle gats physically stuck against something, this appears to be a mechanical, rather than an electrical issue.

From the outside, the face of the tachometer looks fine


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