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I'm mostly responding to Mr Haiges... I think it would have been a much bigger sacrilege to part out the car, which was my other option- no way a retired person in my position could afford even the $4k repair job! The car still has all the "Mercedes Aura" anyone could wish for, it just now has power and runs quietly! Quite frankly, it's a much better vehicle than it was with the turbodiesel.

I called the dealership and a couple of shops to try and peddle the used turbodiesel and transmission only to find that there is absoloutely no market for them- the dealer said he couldn't get rid of them himself. Touring the local wrecking yards reveals lots of 280c and E engines, and some non turbo'ed and even a nice looking 380 engine, but no turbodiesels, so someone must want them, but I don't know who.

I didn't have to change out the tank or lines- to be legal you must run one more line from the existing vent, which is located near the tank, up to the charcoal cannister, which I retained from the Astrovan, to provide for emissions control of the vented gasoline fumes. I agree with TXBill that the 4.3 is a good engine- it's got the same bore and stroke as a 350, and is in fact a 350 with two cylinders removed. The engines give up to 200hp in the vortec editions, and are extremely reliable, possibly more so than a stressed out turbo engine. I did retain the tag on the back...

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