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My mother is on her second SLK230k. My father's company has just sold a SLK230k. And a friend of mine has a SLK200k. No problems at all with any of them.

My mother's present SLK has done 45k miles from new without any problems at all. It is very well built (as well built as the 129) and a pleasure to drive. The interior materials are cheaper than those of the 129 (but then the sticker price was less than half the cheapest 129) and the four cylinder is not an aural delight, although it is still a gutsy, strong and satisfying unit. It feels like it will go on for ever and has wonderful torque. The suspension is much more sporty than that of the 129. The wheelbase is significantly shorter, too, which makes the car more pointy.

I can vouch for its safety, having totalled mum's first SLK (in my youth, a long time ago, learned many lessons since then &c, &c). I would not even consider a Z3 as competition for the SLK: the former is justr a cobbled together heap. The Boxster is a different proposition. More expensive and more hardcore.

A new-shape SLK will be released next year. In the meantime I thoroughly recommend the R170.
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