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you can get 500e euro hella lights from paul at

you will have to call. they are a LOT more than 450.00, that price was a group buy.

you asked earlier what are 'clears'. they are probably the white/clear european spec w124 front turn signal indicator.

bosch or hella are the best, lights and corners of course they were oem.
mercedes [used to] use items that last.

one poster said there are 2 kinds of euros 86-89 90-93.

this is incorrect, '86-'93 early ones [on cars with full grill] and '94-'95 late ones. the late ones are angled more on the inside corner of fog lights to fit different hood.

earlier member 'bud' posted conversion is 900.00.

i did all my stuff for around 900.00, i have more goodies than the star article says. [ i had to spread some of this out so the wife didn't have a stroke]
i have bosch euros, bosch clear corners, OEM beam adjuster [switch panel and rosette/dial], the euro wiper set up.

the euro wiper set up is virtually the same as the later w124's '94-'95. you can buy all this stuff here at fastlane.

i have posted most all of the part numbers needed here,
Euro Light Acc. Part Numbers


*92 400e 124.034, SOLD

*92 300e 124.030, SOLD
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