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flasher puzzle

Maybe someone can help solve the puzzle.

My 72 450SL has a seperate flasher relay (behind the dash) from the hazard switch (on the shifter console). This sole flasher relay is used for right and left signaling as well as hazard flashing.

Left and right signaling works but the hazard does not. I took apart the hazard switch (looks good), cleaned it and reasembled and still does not work. I took apart the flasher and it's OK of course (if it wasn't OK I wouldn't have gotten left and right signaling).

With the flasher relay unplugged and ignition on I have 12V at terminal 49 (turn signal flasher input). But when the hazard switch is depressed I get 0v.

Is this enough info to determine if I have a bad switch ($69) or wire shorted?
1972 450SL
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