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Tomorrow, I get to crawl under my car (I hate that) and try to find out why my power steering fluid reservoir is dry and why my 86 300e handles like an old Dodge truck. Basically, we tried to add fluid, but once the car was started, it pumped the fluid out of the car and onto the ground. I hope and pray that it's an easy fix. I'm already over budget on my Christmas list as it is. I was hoping that one of you guys could come over and fix it for me. (Just kidding) no really, I was hoping that maybe some of you could tell me what to look for. Is there potentially something more serious than a hose here, or is that the common thing. The car has 88k on the clock. Not much for it's age, I know. I'm sure that the hoses are dry and brittle. Is there's anything else I should look for while I'm underthere with that cover off that might be the cause of this problem?
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