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Mmm, that engine should hold 8.5 quarts, not 9.5.

WHY think that an engine that holds 8.5 quarts of oil should have the oil changed at the same amount of miles as one that holds 5 quarts for example? Makes no sense to me.

If you want to go by "how black the oil looks", fine, y'know, it's your car, pull out the dipstick every 500 miles and when it looks "black enough" to you , change it then. I prefer to go by miles.

Every quart of oil should be able to suspend a cetain amount of contaminates. An engine containing 8 quarts of oil should be able to go twice as long as one that only hold 4 quarts, just as surely as a car with a 20 gallon fuel tank will go twice as far as one that has a 10 gallon fuel tank (assuming the fuel mileage is the same).

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