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If one goes by the color to determine the frequency of and oil change then I should change the oil in my Diesel truck every 500 miles

To change your oil at anything less that 5K and preferable 10K is an absolute waste of time, effort, natural resorces, and money. If you feel guilty, change your filter every 3k or so but any good, name brand oil will go 10k between changes. In my 60 years I have driven many, many cars well over 100k, and some over 200k, and have never ever lost an engine or even had a minor oil related problem.

The 3k oil change is basically a conspiracy between the manufacturers and the oil companies. The makers cover their collective asses by making sure that even if you forget an oil change 6k miles is probably the maxium you will run w/o a change. The oil companies, of course, make a bundle on the sales of large quanties of their product.

Name brand oil, good quality filters, and driving you car until it is up to temp. are the three things that make your engine last.
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