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Stupid drivers will be stupid drivers - though I ***** about solutions there really isn't one simple solution to be had, if all drivers are to co-mingle on the same road surface outside of two things: better driver training and preparation as well as stiff fines for incompetence. Think about this - who gets the ticket on a clear, sunny, light-traffic day: the guy in the fast lane driving 85mph or my grandfather tooling down the highway at 60mph (that would be UNDER the speed limit out here in CA), in the fast lane, because the slow lane "is too bumpy because of the trucks and damn it I pay taxes for these roads and I'm going to drive in whatever lane I feel like"? Said grandfather has not, in all these years, pulled to the right for ANYBODY and curses them like mad or worse yet, races some poor guy trying to pass on the right.

And it's not specific to my gramps. Passing on the right is an unfortunate thing you do here in CA (if you want to get somewhere at *at least* the speed limit) but here you have to prepare not only to pass on the right, but to race up to 90mph because the bastard next to you doesn't want you mucking up the ten miles of clear roadway in front of him.

Look, I think the state penalizes the right people most of the time, but I think that there's waaaaay too much tolerance for incompetence. Their mindset is "slow is good and slower is better".

Every single day I see people driving much too slowly, or stopping on highway merges, or tooling along in the fast lane at slow speeds, or merging over to the fast lane as soon as they enter the highway (at 45mph!). These morons are as big a danger (or worse) than people who drive quickly on the left and for the most part DON'T want to pass on the right. Yet these same incompetents NEVER get the ticket (keep in mind, some of you with really thin skin and PC-oriented backbones that I consider my own mother and grandfather "incompetents" when it comes to driving skill and attitude).

Because they're slow. And somewhere in that they invoke the use of ABS and emergency lane changes with everyone around them the CHP appears to applaud their behaviour.

Maybe I just need to move to open country. Or europe.
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