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Post 300E Head Gasket Replacement?

Hey everyone this is my first post. My name is Evan, and im sure you will be seeing a lot of me. The time has come that the Cylinder Head needs to be removed, and gaskets replaced. I just have a few questions that i hope you can all help me with. I am doing this job myself.

Does anyone have documentation, or an online resource about doing the head gasket on a 103 engine?

What small things should i do to the engine, while the head is off to ensure it will not have to come off again in a few months for wear and tear maintanence?

What small tips are there that i should know while performing the head gasket fix?

I am buying a new water pump to replace it while the head is off, is this a good idea considering the engine has about 180,000 miles?

Hey thanks everyone!
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