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I suppose what you are seeing is fuel leaking from between the FD and the AFM?

There is a large sealing O-ring between the FD and AFM.

The FD is not screwed into the AFM.It is attached to the AFM via 3 Torx bolts.

Having had the experience of taking a fuel distributor apart, I don't see how fuel could leak from between the FD and the AFM.

Unless it is the EHA that is leaking and makes it seem like the fuel is coming from the FD.

Although your EHA O-rings have been changed, it would be good to take a look at it again just to be sure.

Take the FD off the AFM and inspect closely and see what you find.

A little leak from the FD itself (from the piston in the middle with the airflow plate pushed down) is normal.

There shouldn't be any other leaks in this area, especially from the exterior of the FD.

Take a closer look and let us know what you see.

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