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Its gotten so bad in NY that you can actually hit 75MPH in the slow lane and look across as you whizz by the fastlane drivers.
Drivers in NY are so used to people hugging the fastlane that I have completely stunned some drivers by getting out of their way. The look on their faces as they go by on the fastlane is one of utter disbelief, some even look lost, "Oh My God he got out of my what do I do?"
We have about 6 expressways cutting through Queens, NY, basically you need to get on them to get anywhere, yet my driving test never went anywhere near any of them. This is the problem!
This kind of climate creates aggressive drivers who swing from lane to lane to avoid the slow people thereby putting other people in danger.

To all you fastlane huggers out there DON'T accelerate when you see fast drivers coming just get out of the freaking way AND for crying out loud use your turn signals when you do! OH and no a Navigator can't go around a highway bend at 75mph without some serious effort. And if I am breaking the law I don't need you to place your car in front of me like some kind of highway vigilante.
And what is up with merging into the highway. Is it really that difficult a thing to do? Use the whole merge lane, that's what its there for.

There needs to be a serious effort to training drivers before they hit the road and highway. People are getting killed for no reason on both sides of the coin. If the same effort were used to train airplane pilots as is used to train car drivers I wouldn't fly, ever.

This is just my humble opinion ok, so I don't need anybody parsing out my posting to reply back. Drive safely this Holiday all.
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