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201 brake fluid reservior replacement

I am about to replace the brake fluid reservoir on my 91 190e (second chamer in the orignal seems to be blocked). I have the replacement unit including the rubber bushings. However, I noticed that on the bottom of the reservoir (both old and new) there appears to be two eyelets that seem to act as a guide for a cable the runs under the reservoir. The eylelets sit between the two drain holes on the reservoir. The cable does not appear to be any part of the brake hydralics, but it looks like I will need to remove it from the old reservoir and through the new one to complete the job. Cable runs from somewhere near the fuse box to the engine block.

Questions are...

Has anyone done this? If so, how do you get that cable out of the old reservoir and through the bottom of the new one? What is that cable for?

Thanks much- Jonathan
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