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you might try turning all the fuses with your fingers,rolling them back and forth in thier might get someone to sit inside the car while you do this with the switch for the lights on,to see if they come on while youre moving the fuses around....a while back i had my windows quit working just out of the blue....i checked every fuse,and none were blown...but sometimes corrosion or whatever prevents them from getting a good connection...i rolled all the fuses back and forth and it solved my problem...i like the blade type fuses better,that way the connection for them is somewhat sealed...these fuses and the connections for them is pretty much in the open,except for the box cover,and they can easily get corroded and fail to keep a good connection...just trying to save you from ripping the car apart to find whats wrong with it...i always try the easiest stuff first hope that works for you...other than that,im afraid i dont have anything else to add
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