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I seem to have developed an oil leak. Weekend before last I changed the oil and filter and went with 10-40W Castrol. Prior to that I had been running 20-50W. Since the oil change I seem to have a slight leak. I can wipe it down and then after around 100 miles I look in the area of the bellhousing and see drops hanging on some of the bolts on the outside of the bell housing. In addition, I "feel" in the low area of the bell housing closest to the engine and it seems to be wet with motor oil. Could changing to 10-40W have caused this? Is it possible that the rear main seal is bad? I do not see any signs of oil streaking on any of the rotating parts inside the bell housing. Any thoughts/ideas on what is going on here? What is the estimated cost for replacing the rear main seal?
I am considering going back to 20-50W oil this weekend to see if it will stop the dripping.
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