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I have a 1995 C280 with 76,000 miles and the rear shocks were replaced with stock, but the front are old (could this cause the car to shift or pull to left when braking or go over bumps and uneven surfaces poorly - also, could hitting a small 3" curb with left front rim (205/55R16 wheel) ruin front left suspension or damage anything?). Anyways, I need to know if thse Bilstein HDs can be put in by someone with modereate mechanical skills (if so can it be done by jacking the car up at one end with supplied car jack in trunk?). Also, is a 4 wheel alignment needed after putting them in?

Please advise on the shocks, and how to check for problems in the front suspension, which feels like something is quite right or the car doesn't drive like its supposed to, although this could be caused by worn front shocks?

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