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problem still there

This problem has come back. I replaced both the wires and plug ends and even replaced the O2 sensor and fuel pump -- with 160,000 miles it seems time anyway. The coils have also been replaced, and 1 and 2 swapped again without changing anything.

The problem usually only occurs after driving a coupel hundred miles, but now is happening on shorter trips.

It seems to always happen after letting off the gas for a hill or cornor, then applying gas. There will be a miss and if one backs off the gas and then accelerate slowly -- no problem. If one continues to push the pedal, then it will miss until the ignition is shut off, then all is well. The codes show it shuts down the 2 cyclinders associated with T1 due to misfire. No other codes are set.

There do not seem to be any other problems with the truck.

It has been suggested to change the computer. Since this is a G-wagen, that is a very expensive part, but if that is the problem I will do it. I guess the worst is I will have a good expensive spare.
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