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190D22 - I couldn't tell a difference in power loss with the big alternator, but I have 148hp, and you have less than half of that. So for you, it could be noticeable. But with a subwoofer amp, you don't have much choice! I'd get the big alternator and deal with the power loss (if any). If you read the original article, you'll see you can get a nice used 143A for under $100 shipped to your door. I wouldn't spend $300 on one either!

bodyart27 - Yeah - and I'm not done yet! I need to complete the amplifier & capacitor installation in the trunk, the 150A alternator install, the power distribution block at the battery, and the bandpass subwoofer enclosure. The photos you see are what's done so far. When it's complete, I'll post a report here - probably in the Car Audio section, though.

85drtysthbenz The door panels are from Jehnert Sound Design in Germany. Unfortunately, they don't make anything for the 126 chassis - only the 124, 129, 170, 202, 208, and 210 (as of last year anyway). I bought them because I did NOT want to dink around with custom fabrication. They're not cheap, but custom fab isn't either. A really GOOD high-end stereo shop can make custom MDF & fiberglass door panels for you that will work well, and look nearly stock, but plan on the cost being $200-$300 per door - and that's without speakers! I'd contact LaJolla audio first (post in Car Audio forum) and see if they have something for you. On the alternator, ummm, you have a problem. The high-output units only bolt on to engines with serpentine belts. Your OM617 has V-belts. So far, nobody has figured out how to make a serp-belt alternator bolt up to a V-belt engine. You'll be stuck having your stock unit re-wound at an electrical shop, which will help, but not be as good as the OE monsters (143/150A).

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