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Bought my 95 E320, pass side power headrest worked after a little nudging, still works, drivers side did too but soon failed. I put the seat as far up as it would go, and tilted the seat back as far forward as that would go. Unscrewed the seat cover from the bottom, and was able to jam it down to the floor, creating enough room to get at the mechanism. The cheap little plastic thing that is supposed to stay locked in place had broken, causing the flex shaft to fall out, and no power headrest. I found I could make it work by holding the plastic thing the headrest sits in against the gear track by hand. So I grabbed a relatively small hose clamp and screwed it on over the track and the plastic holder tight, making sure it wasn't in the way of anything, and 5k miles later it is still working fine. Then I just slid the seat back up, kind of hard, but no real difficulties. No leather bunching, an hour of work, easy & free!
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