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Ive owned my signal red 82 wagon 123.193 with the 3.0 turbo engine 617.952 (all US wagons were turbo) since 1990. Additionally I owned another signal red wagon from 1992-1994, this one was a lemon. But I did steal the 3rd seats out of the second wagon and installed them in the one I still have. I had to purchase 3 headrests and install the holders for the headrests in the second row seats. Its a kit you can buy form Mercedes.
My wife found an advertisement for the newly imported wagon and I have that hanging in my study. Its actually the signal red color.
The wagon was imported into the US in 1981. It was in production before 81 but not imported.
All wagons imported had the auto leveling rear suspension.
The standard items listed are
Climate control w AC
Cruise control
4 speed automatic
power assisted steering
power 4 disc brakes
electric windows
AM/FM stereo w 4 speakers
electric antenna
quartz clock
rear wiper/washer and defrost
Halogen fog lamps
adjustable outside mirrors, both sides ( manual driver,electric pass)
Central locking system
roof rack standard, no crossbars
The advertisement shows the split second seat as normal. But does anotate the advertisement as "alloy wheels" optional
only 2500 cars were available in 1981.

I purchased the 3 headsets ( you got the 3 headrests with the 3rd seat option. No 3rd seat, no headrests, in the US) from a local body shop who worked on Mercedes. The reciever slot and mechanism I bought from Mercedes its a kit that they were able to find the part number for me and order. I had to take the back covers off the second seat tops and pop rivet the recievers into position, holes are already there. Cut the top MBtex material and install the trim piece. I also installed the trim piece in the bottom of the seats for the headrest storage position, while the seats are folded down.

I have never seen a wagon with the steel wheels and covers. I don't know if Mercedes deciced to not import steel wheels into the US or no dealer ordered any wagons with steel wheels.

Roof rack cross bars. Never seen a car with them. Nor does the service manual discuss them.

Heated seats may or maynot have been an option.

MBTex Vs. Leather. I have MBTex in the wagon. Have seen one wagon with leather, original I don't know. The MBtex I have has 175,000 miles on it and I have very little damage. My SL and SDL have leather and they are showing more wear than the MBTex in the wagon. The SDL has a tear in the passenger seat leather ( at 265,000). I do love the MBTex.

A. Rosich

A few diferences then what you posted.
All US wagons had right side electric outside mirrors.
All US wagons had the 2/3 split 2nd seat.


Yes all US wagons had the chrome roof rack but not the crossbars. I believe it was a dealer option.

I would love to find the dealer brochure for the 81 wagon that was given to cutomers in the US. The 82-85 also. I'm sure I could spend $1000 on Ebay to find it.

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