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Wheel bearings bad??

I have been having a clicking noise from my front right wheel everytime it hits a bump in the road. I had the tire off and didnt see anything broken. I just had the tires rebalanced at NTB and i asked them to take a look at that front right wheel for any problems. They told me that i needed wheel bearings, this was causing the noise. Then he says " ah you know mercedes, they do some strange stuff with those cars". Not sure what that means but would the clicking be a wheel bearing? I thought that would be a moaning or whining sound. Also when I had the car jacked up the other day i found no movement in the wheel, which was how i thought you could diagnose the wheel bearing as a problem.

Any hints here would be greatly appreciated, i just want to figure out this clicking noise.

Thanks a lot!

1988 190e 2.3 with 91 engine
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