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Loose feeling in steering wheel (or gear box )

1995 S420. My steering gear box makes a small popping sound sometimes when driving over irregular surfaces at slow speed while turning. There is some slack feeling (about 2") which is only noticeable when moving the wheel back and forth QUICKLY.

I had asked the dealer if the box could be adjusted so that the slack would not be noticable---service mgr said they adjusted --- but I noticed NO difference.

Can this steering gear box be adjusted for that sort of slack problem and the small popping noise associated with the slack.

I had an independent alignment shop look at the front end parts and was told there was no slack in any tie rod or ball joint. He told me that the noise that we were hearing was coming from inside the gearbox. There is a small seepage of fluid at the bottom of the gearbox. The car drives fine but the noise worries me.

Is this the normal wear out long (miles) might it be before there is enough slack that the MB dealer will consider it bad enough to rebuild the box under the Starmark Warr. I have left about 40K or 1Yr and 9 month remaining on the Starmark Warr.

I had earlier reported it and they say it is within "Specs" I'm not really sure they actually tried to adjust the box? I don't really know if any adjustment is possible.

Any advise appreciated.
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