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Wow, this was weird....

Tonight, as I was driving on the freeway going about 60mph I started to slow down for the upcoming pay toll. When I slowed down to about 40mph I tried to accelerate back up again but nothing happened. As i was stepping on the gas pedal the RPM's would not go up and the car kept slowing down--no power. At the same time that I was stepping on the gas pedal I noticed that the economy guage was moving towards the red, working as usual, but still the car just died and kept creeping to a halt. Man, I was thinking what the f**k now. Right before the car came to a complete stop, all of the lights on the dash lit up. While of all this was happening I managed to pull over to the shoulder. While at a complete stop I put it in "P" and I tried to start her up again and she started right back up as if there was no problem at all. I put her back in drive and drove off with all symptoms normal. What would cause my 300E to lose this power on the freeway, and then just start right back up again when i'm at a complete stop. I was thinking that I was lucky to have a shoulder on the highway to pull over, or else someone coulda plowed right into me. Please advise...
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