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Gear Oil? Synthetic or not! Here we go again!

The oil story is one of those never-ending stories. And yes I did my homework and searched... and searched many of the posts are 2-3 years old and just wanted some fresh take on this subject.

My car's manual and the repair manual by Stu Ritter (for the W124 chassis)states that MB doesn't recommend Synthetic gear oil. Maybe that is just for older W124s. Mine is a 95 V8. I am about to replace my gear oil and picked up a couple of Mobil1 75W-90 Synthetic. It meets all MIL-GL5 requirements plus many more. Can I use this without any fear of any leaks or issues ( I've read somewhere that synth. tend to leak more than the regular oil), or shall I stick to what is in the manual??? Dealer wants $17/quart for the MB gear oil (not sure how much weight).

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