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Originally posted by haasman
I had them on a previous 123 car I owned. I finally removed them because when I used them for fog, everyone thought I had my high beams on and continuosly flashed at me.
maybe they were not aligned properly?

they don't have to be that high, since they are used to illuminate only a small distance ahead of the car (since they will be used in low-visibility conditions, and you shouldn't be driving that fast anyway in such conditions).

personally, i aim mine a bit higher than normal (in my Euro-lamped 190e2.6), since in such a setting, they are perfect as daytime-running-lights, the wide beam angle making you visible across a wide angle from the front.

I have PIAA Ion Crystal H3 bulbs, which make the oncoming traffic see the blue-whitish part of the beam, which created on the fringe of the projected beam - perfect as a DRL. The yellow part of the beam meanwhile, is an intense yellow. I am very satisfied with them.
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