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I replaced my rear bearings on my 92 300sd. After you remove all the brake components, the emergency brake shoes are not fun! you may have to disconnect the brake cable from above the drive shaft. Next you remove the half shaft bolt at the hub carrier. After that disconnect all 5 strut arms from the carrier and it should slide right off the half shaft. you should not have a problem getting the carrier to slide off the shaft gear. I found the hardest problem was the half shaft bolt, it is crimped and requires a very big socket wrench, be sure that it fits perfectly and tight as to not strip it.
The hub carrier should be taken to a shop and have the new bearings pressed in. I went and bought a chilton on a 190E and surprisingly the suspension is pretty much the same on a 140 chassis, just bigger. I remember when mine went bad, it was like a humming noise all over the rear of the car, I got new tires too! it was just the drivers side, but I replaced both. It is not an easy job, but the dealer wanted 1900 per wheel, I spent 260 in parts. I also replaced a lot of bushings down there that were worn on the lower control arm and the brake shoes. When you put it back together make sure all the correct bolts are put back the right way with the locking washers. I moved the strut arms out of the way of the carrier and put the nut and bolt back in the arm, so that when I put it back together it was there like it was supposed to be. Then go have a 4 wheel alignment. The rear suspension on these cars is an engineering masterpiece, to handle all that weight and move up and down keeping the car level and on track, I appreciate MB's a lot more after tearing one apart! Good Luck
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