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That certainly looks like it. Again, without the manuals in front of me, I would need to verify the dimensions. Your diagram does look very much like those in my Haynes manuals, right down to not being drawn quite to scale, from memory. My Brooklands manual on the other hand, has a full size scale drawing without dimensions which can be used as a template for the tool, if my memory serves me correctly.

107.023: 350SLC, 3-speed auto, icon gold, parchment MBtex (sold 2012 after 29 years ownership).
107.026: 500SLC, 4-speed auto, thistle green, green velour.
124.090: 300TE, 4-speed auto, arctic white, cream-beige MBtex.
201.028: 190E 2.3 Sportline, 5-speed manual, arctic white, blue leather.
201.028: 190E 2.3, 4-speed auto, blue-black, grey MBtex.
201.034: 190E 2.3-16, 5-speed manual, blue-black, black leather.
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