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I agree that the driving tests are too easy. I took my test 40+ years ago in what I would call a miniature golf course at the state police barracks. I stopped at a stop sign, turned a corner, made a 180 degree turn in a restricted width area and parallel parked. Speed didn't exceed 10 MPH.

When it was over, I was licensed to drive at 65MPH and in traffic. What a joke.

This is equivalent to building jet plane, testing at 100 MPH and certifying it is good for Mach2.

Another pet peeve of mine is inspections of vehicles. Statistics tell us that 96% of accidents are caused by drivers and the remainder caused by defective vehicles.

So what is inspected, not the cause of 96% of the accidents. No, the 4% cause is inspected and even if it was 100% effective, only 4% less accidents would happen.

So much for government bureaucracy.

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