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'86 300E lights out ... hello again, Officer Bob!

After getting pulled over three times in two weeks for a burned out right rear parking light on my '86 300E, I decided it was time to dig in and deal with the problem. Also, all of the dash and climate control lights are out (but warning lights work) as are the fog/driving lights.

A week before getting pulled over, I replaced the parking light bulb along with all of the fuses in the fuse box, which were pretty badly corroded. The parking light still didn't work, so I pulled the entire bulb holder assembly and plugged it into the left side. All the lights worked.

The wiring diagram pointed to a "lighting control unit" for all the exterior lights. I sucked it up and bought one for $240 from the local dealer, installed it tonight and it made absolutely no difference. I have a relay for the interior lights coming tomorrow.

Any suggestions on where do I go from here?


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