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How to Remove Driver's Side Carpet on S-Class (140)?

My objective is to pull the instrument cluster in my 400SE. According to a previous post, I need to first remove the one-piece driver's carpet and relieve the tension on the speedo cable.

Does the "Cover Below the Instrument Panel" (i.e. what I will call the kickpanel) need to be removed? The AllData procedure doesn't mention removing the kickpanel--but it seems necessary in order to get the driver's carpet out.

Has anyone removed the driver's carpet?

If the kickpanel has to be removed, where are the screws holding it in. I found two up under and one inside the side air grate--but I can't find any screws on the front. The Alldata procedure shows two screws near the steering post and says "hold cover down for access". I can't find a cover in the kickpanel. (I've tried pulling down on the entire kickpanel; it's tight.)

Has anyone removed the driver's kickpanel?

1992 400SE 119,000 miles
1971 220D (Sold)
1970 22OD (Sold)

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