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I'm very familiar with the small block Chevy, maybe that's why my comments.

It's a 45 year old design. I've had plenty of them, and I've souped up plenty of them. One of the best is in my '88 Vette. I'm still not impressed, when compared to an MB engine. It takes many more dollars to upgrade one of these engines to the hp/cubic inch with the same durability and long life, than what an MB engine costs to begin with.

The only advantage to a small block Chevy as far as I'm concerned is that there are jillions of them out there, making parts and hopup pieces plentiful and cheap.

Prior to the small block, they're stovebolt six went all the way back to the twenties, and it's original form did not die until 1962, but that didn't make it great, just a plentiful, cheap built engine.

Power in numbers, but not in precision or impressive engineering.

Sorry to take issue, have a great day,
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