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Larry D
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Well, the old 240D ('76, 115 series) developed a leak at the RF brake caliper, so I guess it's time for a visit to my favorite parts store. Not too bad, at $35 for a rebuilt caliper, but I was wondering about the best way to replace the brake fluid, since it's past due.

I don't have access to a power bleeder, but I've seen another fellow (non-MB car) just disconnect all four lines at the calipers, place basins below, and let everything drip out for a couple of hours. Then he topped-off with new fluid until the new stuff began to drip out, then hooked up the lines and began hand bleeding. There wasn't much air to bleed out with the system pre-filled this way.

What's the opinion? Will this even work? Good practice or too much messing around? Any better procedure for a driveway mechanic? Thanks!
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