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Anthony, the screws are easy, the "post" attached to the fender is the problem. It has a rubber groomet that, in my case, was kind of dry. You can see it from under the fender lining. Be careful. Other than that, the rest was simple. The U ring was not bad but, I have the ring plyers? which I used to open it up. If you don't have them, buy a cheap set (less than five $5) in any autopart store. You may want to replace the rubber o ring behind the sensor.
As far as the braided hose, like Jack said, that goes to the overflow tank behind the fender on the passenger side. If you need to replace it, and want the original part, partshop may have or, if you are like me, buy the non-braided part at any autopart. I did not have to do it this time because it is fairly new. I did not have to remove the wheel, just turned the wheel all the way to the left. Remove enough of the wheel well lining to get to it (tight quarters) but doable. The hose just slips off with pressure top and bottom.
Good luck!
'86 300E
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