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As a few of you might remember, power steering fluid is being pumped onto the ground from my car. I was hoping that it was a hose, but... it's not. It's the steering box leaking from the side closest to the firewall. I called a good mechanic who knows Jaguar's very well, but not mercedes so well. He's honest though, so that goes a long way! He said the box would have to be replaced - $750! Plus 3 hours to remove and reinstall. I called the dealership (40 miles away) they said that they can sometimes be sealed. What are the realities of this? Sound feesible? I'm not even going to try to do this job myself... I don't have the facilities. (no garage and it's raining!) Can I drive the car as is for 40 miles? There is NO fluid in this thing. Any advice would be appreciated. This job is going to be expensive I fear...
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