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Thanks to all who helped me with my problems. All the advice taught me much, but I had to resort to the mechanical geniuses - a professional mechanic. It took them a few hours to figure out what I couldn't in several weeks.

The main problem was low compression. Also, the chambers were flooded with diesel fuel, the result of cranking a lot with low compression. In addition, the injector nozzles were clogged with coke, the result of burning oil.

As I understand it, there is a little hole in a washer in the injector that allows fuel to be sprayed into the ignition chamber, it was partially clogged as well, making the fuel drip instead of spray.

In addition, the new battery that I have is smaller than it should be.

So all in all, I was making it very difficult for the car to start as it was.

Going into it, I knew that I probably had low compression. Well, I didn't know how low. A couple of cylinders were down to 100 psi. Mechanic said it would only run in the summer time. I am going to garage it, heat it and trickle charge it every night until we get through the winter and can save some money for another one.

So thanks for all the advice and support. I will probably be back in touch as I need to milk all the miles and time out of it as possible.


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