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Exclamation '97 E320 Infamous Oil Leak

Ok here we go:
I have the awesome oil leak in my '97 E320 with 111,000 miles on the clock. So far, the mech. has re-sealed the cylinder head front cover and replaced the front crankshaft seal. Needless to say, I'm still leaking oil. SO, is this a classic case of the head gasket being gone, or is there other stuff to try first. I'm a little dissappointed that he never steam cleaned/gunked the engine bay to see where the leak was coming from. If it is the gasket, is there any possibility that the dealer will split the cost of the job, or even do it for free, on a car this old? I would hate to gett rid of the car, but I'd rather put my $2-3000 bucks into a nice CLK Anyways, thanks for any input.......
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