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"Overpowered" dangerous airbags on early Mercedes?

I am considering a airbag equipped 1984 Mercedes 300SD. I have asked about this car on another site and someone posted some discouraging news. They said that the airbags on the early Mercedes was overpowered and could cause severe injury.

Here is the exact quote from that person:
"Those early airbags are usually overpowered, and can cause serious injury upon deployment to anyone under 6' tall. Not to put you off on the car .......just if you buy it check into whether MB had a recall/repair for them. IF so, probably, have it checked for the update. Typical fix is like my 1991 Lotus-Isuzu, They install a deflector plate (plastic i think) between the bag and the surface of the steering wheel. this redirects some of the force of the bag explosion (deployment) to the side, thereby lowering the force vector to the driver to acceptable levels".

Driverside airbag became optional on the 1984 Mercedes and was also optional in 1985 (except on the 300D, 300CD and 300TD) and then airbag was standard beginning in 1986.

Does anyone else have any input on this? One of the main reasons for me buying this car is for safety and this is really discouraging news.
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