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Help! Did I kill my 500E?!

I'm a little freaked out here, guys, so help me out...

Going down I-94 last night with the cruise set at 75 mph or so. I've been having that transmission bushing problem where the gear shift vibrates at speed, so I gave it a smack to make it stop. Unfortunately, it was a little TOO much of a smack and I knocked the selector into neutral. Argh!!!

I would say that the revs hit around 6500 for a couple seconds before I could figure out what I had done and was able to turn the cruise off and put the selector back into Drive. Not sure if the fuel cutoff kicked in or whatever type of rev limiter it has. The car may be chipped for all I know. The next 6 miles or so were tense ones indeed, but I really couldn't detect any unusual noises or behavior.

So: did I kill my car? Shortened its life considerably? What precautions/actions/etc. should I think about taking?

I almost puked on the way home, I was so upset with myself and my stupidity...

1992 500E
Peral black/gray
60,400 miles
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