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Hello all,
Canada sucks......The weather here is too cold. After a large ice storm last night, I found 15-20mm of sheer ice slathered on my 2.6 which doesn't have its own space in the garage (reserved for fathers S40 and mothers Contour SVT) Being anal retentive about my Mercedes, I keep all my odds and ends in the trunk, (save winter floor mats, garage door opener) that included the ice scraper I needed. Upon trying to open up the trunk I found a great deal of restriction. Since I can be a spaz, I threw up the trunk with a great deal of force and wrecked something. I found the latch mechanism doesn't catch and the trunk itself seems to be sticking outward possibly about 1/4". I'm not sure if I have herculean strength that bent the trunk or it's just the latch mechanism which is out of place. When lowering the trunk I can see the latch is very close to the latch pin so could it just be the lock itself? How should the lock catch? Can anyone offer any suggestions? PLEASE OFFER ANYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF!!! IT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!!!! I'M A STUDENT WITHOUT MUCH MONEY!!!!!!!
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