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Smile Traded in my 95 E320

Well all, my 95 E320 is finally gone. Tuesday I traded it in on a 2003 leftover Lincoln Aviator. I thought I would miss it but I sure am glad it's gone. My 4 and a half year ownership experience was very mixed. Some days I loved it, and a lot of days it frustrated the hell out of me. I finally came to the conclusion that I just didn't want to be under the hood or laying under the car anymore. It had 174,800 on it when I traded it in.

We still have my wifes 2000 C230 so I'll still be hanging out and helping when I can with the 124's and 202's.

So we'll see what happens with my new Aviator over time, hopefully it will hold up well, and if not then I guess it's off to another brand. I like unique vehicles which is the reason I went for the Aviator, you don't park on side of one at the mall or pass one just like yours 10 times on the way to work like most other brands. It goes like hell and has plenty of room!!

So in closing I would like to thank everyone for the extensive help I've received on this forum and can only hope to help others as much as you all have me in the past.

Thanks all!!
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